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Anastasia Radiant Blush Kit

Anastasia Radiant Blush Kit



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 Anastasia Radiant Blush Kit is a new, limited edition blush palette with four shades. There was nothing impressive about the formula as it was just too much work to blend out and nothing exceptional with respect to texture, pigmentation, or wear to justify spending three or four times longer blending out the blush, and the whole process is just worse over a base (like foundation) as you’ll have to be particularly careful to avoid lifting and disturbing the base.

Per the brand, it’s a “full pigment formula for buildable coverage,” which I interpret as that it is buildable to full coverage. It is also a “finely milled formula for seamless blending,” which is where I had more trouble typically–these were unforgiving when applied over bare skin or damp foundation. I had to have skin powdered heavily in order to get decent blendability out of most shades in the Blush Kits, though some were decent without extra tricks.


Anastasia Beverly Hills


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